SocialToaster is taking the world by storm and NWU-PUKKE decided to join in! As an institution we have always considered our students as our primary brand ambassadors. There is just something about a word-of-mouth endorsement that no other form of advertising can match. What Average Joe has to say very simply rings true, while the hype created by glossy advertising campaigns is often taken with a pinch of salt – which is exactly why SocialToaster was created as a marketing tool.

But let’s bring it closer to home. The vast majority of students on our campus are very active social media users with extensive social media networks of friends and acquaintances. By tapping into our students’ existing pride and loyalty towards the NWU-PUKKE brand, we have the opportunity to literally reach millions of people through SocialToaster.

Even though you will only register as a NWU-PUKKE student in 2017, you can already sign up as one of our brand ambassadors. We will regularly supply you with newsworthy and feel-good content about the University which you can then SHARE or distribute via SocialToaster to your different social media networks (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others).

Why should you become one of our social media influencers? Well, first and foremost, because you already chose NWU-PUKKE as your South African campus of choice and secondly, because fabulous prizes can be won every month.

By sharing NWU-PUKKE content with optimal gamification*, you increase the University’s visibility, reach, and influence – and for taking that action on our behalf we want to reward you! It really is that simple! To become a SuperFan of NWU-PUKKE, click on the following link:


* Gamification is a new buzzword referring to “the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. Gamification taps into the basic desires and needs of the users impulses which revolve around the idea of status and achievement.

“The research company Gartner predicts that by 2015, a gamified service for consumer goods marketing and customer retention will become as important as Facebook, eBay, or Amazon, and more than 70% of Global 2000 organisations will have at least one gamified application.” –


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